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Primary 5 Christmas Party


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Titanic Hat Exhibition

Primary 5a have been going through a design process. They were each given a person from the passenger list of The Titanic to research. They found out about them, if they were working, what kind of passenger they were (1st, 2nd or 3rd class), why they were travelling etc.

They then thought about the similarities and differences in everyone’s clothes during that time.., we discussed reasons for this: practicality, wealth etc.

They specifically noticed the different hats in pictures and video clips that I showed them. So they decided they would like to design a hat for their character.

To do this they researched the different kind of hats, they considered what kind of hat their passenger would wear, the colours it would be etc.

They started the process by sketching different designs, they then got peer feedback on which design was the best. They created a final sketch with as much detail as possible. They then created their hats by using card, papier-mâché mache and paint. This took a few lessons but the final products were fantastic.

They then created a design brief and a poster about their character to go beside the hat using the i-pads.

Primary 5a are fantastic designers and did a wonderful job!!

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Reflective reading

Primary 5a were reading and analysing a different kind of text today… cereal boxes. They read and analysed the information given on the back of cereal boxes before answering a variety of questions about the content and then going on to create their own cereal box design.

They thought about persuasive words and strategies, pictures and ingredients.

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Creative writing

Primary 5a have been getting creative. They watched movie clips, read poems and extracts from novels, listened to music, looked at pictures and looked at fake snow to create wonderful plans for their writing. They thought about similes, alliteration, metaphors, onomatopoeia and WOW words they could use in their writing. They created wonderful snow stories and designed beautiful front covers and blurbs for them. Well done P5a!