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P3 Summer Sizzler!


Next Friday, the 23rd June, P3 will be hosting a summer themed sale event in school. The event will run from 9.15am until 10.30am in the gym hall. All funds raised will contribute towards all of the fanatstic trips we offer in school!

Primary 3 have been working hard, making products to sell on the day and we are asking that, in place of our usual reading homework, all pupils help to bake or make something at home to be sold at the event.

If you have any ideas or are available to help on the day then please do let us know!

Thank you for your continued support!

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The day we were shrunk…

We had a very exciting writing lesson last week…

Miss Callachan sprinkled some magic shrinking dust on us. We closed our eyes tightly, said the magic words and we we opened them, a tiny version of ourselves appeared on our desks! We took our tiny people out in to the garden to explore. This helped us to imagine what life would be like as a very small creature. We wrote about our amazing adventures sunbathing on flowers, using leaves as boats, swinging from branches and wading through long grass jungles! We even imagined we were riding on the back of a snail or flying through the sky on a butterfly!

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Primary 3 go to Deep Sea!

To celebrate the end of our ‘Under the Sea’ topic, primary 3 went on a very exciting trip to Deep Sea World! It was a fun filled, sunny day packed with exciting activities! We got to build our own food chain in the shark classroom session, touch a starfish, watch divers feeding fish and rays, see some seals playing, watch sharks swimming over our heads and we had great fun exploring sea creatures from all over the world – we even saw a real life Nemo and Dory! The children (and adults!) had a wondeerful time and learned so many interesting things about life under the sea!

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Playground Cleanup!

We have been learning about ocean pollution this week and we discovered that litter, which has been dropped on our streets, can travel through drains and in to our oceans and seas. Litter is very dangerous to sea life so we thought about some ways that we could help.


Our first idea was to create posters encouraging people to put their litter in to the bin or better yet, recycle it – please look out for these in our playground! Then we decided to clean up our playground by collecting all of the litter that had been dropped or had blown in from the streets outside. We were shocked at how much litter there was!

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Primary 3 have many more great ideas about how to protect our planet and save our seas. We will be sharing them with our school over the next few weeks!


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Shark attack!

We have been learning about measure using standard units this term. To put our skills in to practise, we researched the sizes of the Great White shark and the Dwarf shark, measured their lengths and drew them to scale in our playground. We estimated how many P3’s could fit inside a Great White and then checked! It was great fun!

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P3 Class assembly!

Dear parents,

Our ‘Under the Sea’ assembly will be held in school on Thursday the 27th April at 9.10am. We are currently preparing for this by learning our parts, songs and of course, our shark RAP! I have attached the links for each of the songs to help with this. All pupils were given a copy of the lyrics and their lines to learn at home. We look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Callachan & Primary3a

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A morning at the museum!

We spent the morning at the museum of Scotland and we saw some amazing things! We spent most of our time exploring animal world and learning some new and interesting facts about sea creatures. One of our favourite parts was designing our very own fish and watching them camoflage in their environment on the interactive floor. Other highlights were watching the hot air balloons in action on the technology floor and watching how the world began in the Earth in Space gallery.

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